The Glassblobbery has recently begun offering one on one courses with our resident glass worker, David. The two day courses are run during the last two weeks of January and the first two weeks of February.

The topics covered are:

  • An introduction to glassblowing.
  • An introduction to blobbing (rod manipulation).
  • An introduction to glass lace working.


An Introduction to Glassblowing


This section of the course covers the traditional art of glassblowing which can be used to make anything from posy pots to piggy banks!

Glass Piggy Bank created in our Glass Blowing class




An Introduction to Blobbing

‘Blobbing’ is our speciality. It is the technique that is used to create glass sculptures by heating and bending rods of glass into shape, hence the technical term ‘rod manipulation’.

Glass dolphin created in our Blogging class


An Introduction to Glass Lace Working


This is a 700 year old venetian technique which is used to create beautiful glass lacework which our glassblobber learnt while on an exchange program in the sunken city.

Glass Horse created in our Glass Lace Working class

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Full 2-Day Course | | | | £295.00 | https://bookwhen.com/mmq3t
2 Hour Taster | * | ✓* |   | £49.50 | https://bookwhen.com/zbg78

*Taster sessions are short introductory sessions, great for getting a feel for glassworking but don't go into as much detail as the full day courses.