Wood Sculptures

Wood Sculptures

Our selection of wood work including carvings, furniture, bowls, clocks and more. This woodwork is handmade by local artists as well as those further afield.

Wood Carvings

Hand carved wooden sculptures ranging from Dragons to mushrooms. Our suppliers pride themselves in their wood working ability including wood carving and turning.

Wooden Furniture

A selection of handmade wooden furniture from local crafts men and women. Furniture includes wooden tables, chairs, candlesticks, and more!

Wooden Bowls

These wooden bowls and dishes are hand turned by local craftsmen and women making each one unique, each one different. We stock turned bowls varying in size and material such as elm, ash, and sycamore.

Wooden Clocks

This page contains some of the exquisite wooden clocks that we sell, each is handmade by local craftsmen and women.